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    • The continuation of the development of Guild Wars II after the commencement

    There are two subsequent content updates in Guild Wars II including Flame and Frost- The Gathering Strom. The other one is Flame and Frost- The Razing. They became available on the March, 2013 correspondingly. The content appended the guild missions and this brought a new development method for Guild Wars 2’s WvW gaming mode, developed the Flame and Frost living story description. This brought the content for arranging the saga ingredients for the future living story narratives. Guild missions brought the ability for the guilds to gain the guild merits by involving in rewards and group puzzles. Guild leaders can apply the advantages to releasing the rewards for their guild. The new WvW development method brought World XP and new WvW tiers that can be applied to unfasten the new titles along with the abilities being exclusive to WvW. The new WvW accomplishments were also brought in. The players can opt for purchasing GW2 gold at Gw2-gold.ca in the most affordable cost.

    The Flame and Frost- Retribution update launched during the month of April, 2013 appeared with a new restricted availability dungeon, new guild missions and appended new world versus world abilities. There is the adding of new purchasable siege weapons and the guild banners for WvW play. The new dungeon, Molten Weapons Facility corresponded with the ultimate segment of the Flame and Frost living saga description. This was only accessible for the thirteen days only. The new WvW abilities make the players turn out to be more proficient in applying the arrow cart in WvW play. It makes the player develop via five new levels of the Guild Killer ability line. Gw2-gold.ca comes out with GW2 gold in the most affordable cost now.

    Appeared in May, 2013, the next content update for Guild Wars II started a new living story narrative known as The Secret of Southsun. It might continue in the last part of the month with tiny update known as Last Sand at Southsun. Other than the new living story content, the update brought another big series of alteration to WvW. There is the inclusion of the ability for the players to depict the traps in World versus World battlegrounds and developments to the World XP method. There are the developed prizes and new abilities. There are the improvements to the matchup system along with the ability for the players to apply the special Ascended and infused equipment in WvW battlegrounds.

    There are the developments to the World XP method, developed prizes and the new abilities. The improvements are to the corresponding method along with the ability for the players to apply the Special Ascended and infused equipment in World versus World play. Gw2-gold.ca brings cheap GW2 gold to the players to decorate their characters with the proper weapons and armors in the least amount of play.

    During June, 2013, there are two new content update appeared and they are titled as Dragon Bash and Sky Pirates of Tyria. There is the introduction of new living story description along with the various new aspects. These aspects integrated the developments to the PvP leader-boards. The introduction of the authorized Shoutcaster program occurs. The ability is for the players to buy the items from the gem store as the gifts for the other players. There is a big harmonization update to the skills and attributes of the game. It integrates the custom arenas for the structure PvP, a new spectator mode along with a new ability for the players to gain the mastery in WvW play. GW2 gold is available at Gw2-gold.ca.

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